Recipient Pending Cannot Resubscribe


Recipient Pending Cannot Resubscribe

Our Executive Director was somehow unsubscribed from our Association's emails.  I resubscribed him manually but he never got an email to opt in.  I am not given the option to resubscribe him now.  He has tried going to our website where we have a "Join Our Mailing List" widget but that does not work either.  I am unsure what to do from here.


Hi @PattiM11. It looks like you emailed us about this as well. I'll reply in both places in case another customer has a similar issue occurring.


Since confirmed opt-in is not activated in your account, the resubscribe email did not send. To have your executive director rejoin your list, there are a few things that can be done at this point:


1. Active confirmed opt-in emails. If you do not want every future contact to undergo this process, you can activate it for the time being and then turn it off. After this is turned on, they will need to then sign up again using your sign-up form, making sure that they receive the email and confirm that they wish to receive your emails again. 


2. Import the contact as unsubscribed. They will need to be uploaded through a file. Once they show as unsubscribed again, send them the link to your sign up form.


3. If you have a pop-up or inline form on a website, they can use this to sign up instead.

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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