Reconfirm Opt- - Thank You Message -Change


Reconfirm Opt- - Thank You Message -Change

In addressing not opened email message and to reach out to confirm that member wishes to continue receiving messages - I got this process down but what I can not find a solution to change the (Thank You Message) recipient receives

stating that you for your subscription.  It is not a subscription I am asking them to confirm but the continuation of receiving emails.  


Hello @MesrobH7 ,


The automated COI email is meant to only be sent when a contact initially signs up. If you'd like to send an email to chronic non-openers to confirm they wish to continue their mail subscription, I'd recommend you add those non-openers to a contact list (or you can Segment them based on their Did Not Open activity, then send to that specific segment), then create a standard email with your branding.

In that regular email you can make a note that you haven't heard from them in awhile, or that you've noticed they haven't really been engaging with your material, or something else to that effect. You can then ask them to either reply to you, or you can use a Poll Block (Email Plus) for them to respond to. You can also ask them to reply if there's anything else they'd like to see in your mailings, or anything they can offer as feedback. You can even set up a pre-populated response email for them.

William D
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