Recurring error creating a social post


Recurring error creating a social post

I like the way you've got your social posting set up and have recently switched to it for regular use BUT several times today the content has suddenly disappeared from the page and been lost, so I've had to start composing again from scratch. It's quite infuriating. And a couple of days ago I created everything and then the system wouldn't post or schedule to any of my social accounts so I had to do everything again on three native platforms. I think autosave for social posts is vital. And if the platform is unstable, there should be a warning, not an expectation that we'll go off and check the service status every time we use it. Thanks

Hello @user835029 ,


I am sorry that your social post disappeared while editing. The newer Social Inbox for us unfortunately does not have an auto save feature within it. However down in the bottom right hand corner of that window to the left of the ‘schedule post’ button you do have a manual save, that ‘save draft’ grey button would allow you to come back at a later time to finish up your social media post. For auto save, I have summited to our engineers this feature request for you and have tracked that feedback. You will be added to an email notification loop for when it becomes available in product. However I cannot provide a time frame for when auto save would be added.


John M
Community & Social Media Support

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