Reducing Image Size to Upload


Reducing Image Size to Upload

I think I've done it before, but I can't figure it out today for some reason... 

How do I reduce the size of an image in order to upload it to My Library? Everything I'm trying to add is too big. 


Hi @OLV3172

Thanks for bringing your question to the community! We have guidelines for image size in this article. I also have some steps for you to take in Paint so you can resize your images in accordance with those guidelines:

- Right click the image you would like to resize and choose Edit

- In the Paint window that comes up, click the Resize button near the top

- Click the Pixels button, then bring the Horizontal size to 600 or less

- Click the menu in the top left and save your image


Once that's done, you should be able to upload your images with no problems.


Nate M. 
Community Support

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