Referral codes for email subscribers to be able to refer their friends?


Referral codes for email subscribers to be able to refer their friends?

I want to create an incentive program for current email subscribers to refer there friends using referral codes. A current subscriber would give a friend his referral code and then once that friend subscribes using that code on the landing page, a list is populated on who referred who and how many people they referred and so on. 


Is this possible on constant contact? I've seen it done in several different newsletters!




Hello @EngineeredA ,


At this time there isn't really a system in place for our services that would quite match what you need. With that said it may still be possible, albeit with some manual work and recordkeeping on your end.


You'd likely need to use a combination of custom fields, some kind of random code or number generator, and a spreadsheet application. Once you have these, you can start assigning contacts the random code through a custom field. That way when you send out your e-blast, you can perform the insert contact details function and have your contact's specific referral code included.


Then you'd set up a landing page sign up form, and include another customer field where referrals can enter the code if applicable, and make sure that's the primary sign up form you have. That way when a referred contact signs up, you'll be able to see their information includes that referral code for the "Were you referred? If so what was the referral code you were sent?" question. You can then organize your spreadsheet to include these contacts as being referenced by [referral code or referring contact name].


All in all it is possible, but at this time it will require manual work on your end to set up and keep track of, using the contact management system we have to keep track of those details.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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