Regulatory Compliance: Charter of the French Language


Regulatory Compliance: Charter of the French Language

What is CC doing to ensure compliance with French language rquirements for Canada?


For any company that targets the Quebec, Canada market, its commercial communications must be drawn up in French.

The rule derives directly from the Charter of the French language, section 52, which provides that “Catalogues, brochures, folders, commercial directories and any similar publications must be drawn up in French.”

The Office quebecois de la langue française extends this provision to include digital communications such as newsletters and websites.  The rule applies if the commercial content of a website is intended for Quebec customers, even if the company communicating with Quebec customers does not have an establishment in Quebec.


For campaign content, we can easily create French language text in body to the message.  However, there is no way to change the non-editable text (e.g. footer, opt-in text, etc.) on a campaign-by-campaign basis -- adjusting language under settings has global effect.  The same issue applies to Landing Pages and Sign-up Forms, where the field names text is in the Account language only.


Flexibility to appropriately market to Canadians in general, and Quebecois in particular, is a requirement for doing business.  If enhancements cannot be made to this regard, we will be forced to move toa competitive email marketing platform.





Hello @BoschSecurity ,


I would recommend calling our general support line so they can set up an opp with our coding Tier 2 team for a custom footer. When you call in to place the opp, please provide (if applicable):

  • the preferred email address(es) to be included in your footer
  • your Website URL 
  • Text for Privacy Policy 
  • Your Custom Privacy Policy URL 
  • any and all brand or legally-required color, font, language, imagery, logo, or other design elements
  • An example design if you'd prefer our team emulate one

I'd also recommend mentioning that you reached out in the Community initially so they'll make sure to reference this post, and bring up that this is all legally required in order to operate business in Quebec, and be able to continue using our services.


If you're unable to call in to place this request, please respond back to the @ mention email with these details, and we'll get the opp submitted to the coding team.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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