Remove 1000's of contacts from a contact list non-manually


Remove 1000's of contacts from a contact list non-manually

I understand how to manually remove a contact from a list.  But, I have a contact list named ISLAND that contains 5000 contacts.  I need to remove 1000 specific contacts from that list.  It would take forever to remove those 1000 specific contacts manually from the list.  Is there tool or method that can automate the list removal process?


I need a way to tell the system "using these specific email addresses, find these contacts in my database and remove them from the ISLAND list."




Hello @RobertR5582 ,


Is there any common element linking those contacts? Do they all have the same domain you can search for, or a specific tag unique to them that you can use to remove / delete them, or a common element you can use to segment them > add them to a new list for removal > and then select-all in the new list to remove them from your ISLAND list?


If there's no common element that can be targeted so the system can do it more efficiently for you, then you'll likely have to do it manually - either in our system, or in a spreadsheet program and simply uploaded as a newer ISLAND list.

William D
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