Replicating the functionality of Bronto's content tags


Replicating the functionality of Bronto's content tags



I'm looking into different platforms for my company to move to in the near future, since Bronto (our current ESP) is shutting down next year. One of the features we make pretty heavy use of in Bronto is the content tag system, which allows us to create predefined blocks of HTML code (via Bronto's API) that can be inserted into messages as needed, but this feature seems to be somewhat unique to Bronto from what I can find.


Is there any way to replicate that functionality in Constant Contact?




Hello @IanA65 ,


What sounds like would be similar to that functionality for Constant Contact would be using the Dynamic Content Blocks within our campaign editor. Dynamic content blocks let you customize one email to show or hide content based on the details you've collected from your contacts, such as their city, state, job title, or any custom field you’ve created. This allows your contacts to only see what is relevant to them. I have provided more information on this here for you.


On the other hand if what you are looking for is a way to have a certain piece of the campaign be recreated consistently and just have that set in place when creating future emails. What you would want to do is create that one repeating section of your email and save that template. Then return to the campaigns tab and make copies from that template going forward; that way all you’re adding in is the additional information around the copied section.  The steps on how to make additional copies of already created emails I have attached for you here.  


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Thank you for the response!


Neither of those sound quite like what we're trying to do. The blocks aren't personalized for contacts, and tend to be mixed and matched in campaigns so just storing them in messages to copy and edit wouldn't be efficient. What we generally use them for are product features with various layouts, and every campaign will have a different mix of products.


Sounds like ConstantContact doesn't have a similar feature, though. No worries. Thanks again for the details!


- Ian