Report: Bounced Emails Discrepancies in #s


Report: Bounced Emails Discrepancies in #s

Just sent our first campaign, totally expected a lot of bounces. Was happy to see the dashboard data, and eager to download "All Types" of Bounced emails @ 755.


Opened the Excel download data... and found 838 contacts listed between Blocked/Suspended/NonExistent/Other.


Why the discrepancy? Which data set do I trust? Would hate to lose 10% of good addresses....


So what's happening is that we calculate immediate bounces and display that number on the details page for that campaign and that number doesn't change. However it's possible that some email clients quarantined the email for a few hours/days so we have 755 confirmed bounces, but 83 that waited a little while before sending us a bounce message back. Those that waited are added into the true total once we receive the bounce message. That total is the report that was exported, the 838 bounce report. The export file is going to be the most up to date, so those are the numbers to go by.

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