Report limited to 50?

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Report limited to 50?

Why are the reports limited to the last 50 campaigns? Unable to export or view anything past that amount despite the constant contant header saying you can view the last 90 days. (90 day recap)

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Re: Report limited to 50?

I have posted on this numerous times.  For a shop that sends out weekly emails that 50 doesn't work.


Standard programming is to expose all the data in the table with the industry standard next.... interface,  not just pick any number.  If the customer has tons of data that simply means they have been a customer for a long time.  You don't punish that !!!  Wups. I guess they do.



This programing and design team is clueless as to their user needs.  The product manager HAS to be sleeping on the job.  OR


they spent their budget on coding and as a result of a poor goals document we end up stuck with this collection. 

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