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I created a survey, but it says its in preview mode? Help? I'm worried people are filling this out and I'm not getting their results. I have at least 9 that have started it.

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Hello @FirstNameL86383 ,


If you view your survey via the preview thumbnail, then it will populate for you as a preview so you don't accidentally record info. Accessing the survey by its share link allows for the survey to record responses. You can also tell when the survey you're utilizing is in preview based on the URL in the address bar:


Screenshot 2021-12-02 142643.jpg

Survey's URL plus ?mode=preview will result in the survey being in preview mode


Screenshot 2021-12-02 142713.jpg

Regular URL will result in the survey being a live version, unless of course the survey has been closed. A closed survey will explicitly say that it's no longer available when the link is accessed.

William A
Community & Social Media Support