Resend to Non-Openers DEFECT


Resend to Non-Openers DEFECT

Is anyone else having failure with the "resend to non-openers" function? Currently, there is no option to immediately resend  a campaign (if you are out of the 12 hours after initial send timeframe) that I am aware of. I can only schedule to resend. But when the time comes for CC to send at my scheduled time, it glitches, doesn't send, and details say it sent: 'December 31, 1969' or 'Invalid Date'.


I have 200,000+ contacts and have experienced this MULTIPLE times, which ultimately hurts open rates and other stats that are important. When is CC going to fix this?? Or at least give us a 'send now' feature for resends.




Hello @HannahP74 ,


I'd advise calling our general support so they can collect some info from you for troubleshooting. Especially if this issue has occurred multiple times - they'll want to collect some of the following details:

  • Name of the affected campaign(s)
  • Screencap or quick video of issue as it occurs
  • Screencap of the dev console (right-click on page > inspect > dev console tab), including any red-colored text that indicates an error

Beyond that, the only workaround would be to make a list from your non-openers for the email (select-all, Actions, Add to List, Create New List), copy the email, and send it to that list.


William D
Community & Social Media Support

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