Resend to non-openers not 'saved' but still sends


I set campaign to resend to non-openers. 

I tend to get error message saying it 'could not be saved'.

I proceed anyway, because I know that despite the message, it'll resend anyway.

How do i know? I get early results emails. I get one after initial send, and then another after a resend. 


I wanted to delete a resend-to-nonopeners because an announcement had changed. I try to do so before it's timed to send.

I am suppose to go into 'Status' but of course, the resend is not 'pending'.


I contact support and tersely get told that it will definitely not resend because 'it is not on the details page. If it was going to send it would be on the details page'. Of course I can check the details page and knows that it's not there, but many previous experiences have informed me otherwise:


I say that I am afraid that it will send because I've gotten early results email that report on recent campaigns and I just wasn't taken seriously.


Well, the resend sent.  


Hello @M.Brown415 ,


Can you provide a screencap of how this looks on your end? I setup a resend-to-non-openers for an email, and was able to see it planned, part of the scheduling, and was able to cancel it independently of the scheduled email.


Is this issue only occurring for you when you setup the resend after the email has sent? Is this issue occurring when setting up specific resend options, such as resending to the same list but only new contacts? I took a look at your last couple emails, and didn't see any resend reporting data, which would've been included as separate tab of each stat's reporting for the emails. What email do you believe went through the resend process?

William A
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