Restore deleted contacts from a list

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HELP, I copied contacts from one list to add to another list. When it said they went through, I DELETED the contacts from the original list! HELP. Have they been deleted from my contacts database or are they in the updated list??? Singed Tragically Tara
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Hello @WeitzmanNMAJHCommunications ,


There is a distinct difference between removing contacts from a list and deleting them. This is also why we ask you to confirm you're wanting to delete contacts and warn that this will delete them from all lists.


If you need reminders on how these distinct functions work:

If this is still within 24 hours of you accidentally deleting contacts, you can try calling our general support so they can collect the necessary info for a contact rewind, but please bear in mind we can't guarantee it will work perfectly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support