Resubscribing a Contact


Resubscribing a Contact



We have a contact who accidentally unsubscribed from our email distribution who has since mentioned she'd like back on the list. The confirmation email we sent her a few months ago has, more likely than not, been lost in the fold, so her contact just says "awaiting confirmation" in our system. I tried having her register on a landing page, but that did nothing. Is there ANY way we can just have her resubscribed?




Hello @TinaW9 ,


If you've already exhausted those options, we can do a manual override of the unsubscription through the List Review team. You'll want to get an email directly from the contact's affected email address, explicitly stating they want to be resubscribed. Then you'll want to call into our List Review team for further guidance, to make sure the proper steps are taken for Compliance and legal reasons. 


Regarding the sign up form method not working, do you know if any specific error message came up? Or did it just seemingly accept the contact's registration, without actually putting them into any of your lists?

William D
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