Review List monitor told me the entire list would be sent in 24 hours


Review List monitor told me the entire list would be sent in 24 hours

Yesterday I spoke with your review list monitor and was told that our email would be sent in segments of 5000 at a time and that the entire list would be emailed within 24-48 hours, specifically 24 hours in our case. All of our numbers comply with what the review list monitor told me, and yet we still only have 5000 sent out. This is very disappointing and as a new customer it questions our loyalty to continue using Constant Contact. Please provide an immediate response to this ticket. Thank you, Jack Hoover Director of Digital Marketing Mr. Delivery

HI @JackH859 

I am sorry to hear of this frustration. Since the List Review team is a specialized team here you will need to give them a call to get the details on the send. They set up the staging and are able to look into the current status and performance of the list for you. They are available 7am-9pm EST today and 10am-8pm EST on the weekend.


Contact information:

United States and Canada Customers call toll free:

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International Customers:
+01 339-222-5900


Just a heads up for the future, the Community is a great place to post and have discussions with peers but since it is meant to host conversations between customers it's not the best place for quick help. The moderators here jump in after 24-48 hours so for immediate help please reach out to support.



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