SSL certificates for Landing Pages

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SSL certificates for Landing Pages


I am not a developer but asking about SSL certificates. I am wondering if there is an SSL "update" or "provision" for Constant Contact Landing Pages?

With another platform subscription we use, they are telling us we need to spend $$ to update our SSL certificates to accommodate the following:


Google began rolling this update as of September 2020 (v85) that blocks HTTP content (images, audio, video) rendered in an HTTPS site. 


Note: There has been a security change that Google Chrome implemented, which Chrome has roughly 47% of browser marketing share in the US. You all have 1 SAP, but 0 SSLs. This change in Chrome's security is a big one in the industry. It impacts all marketing automation tools. In the financial services industry, it is almost industry standard to have SSLs on all your marketing communication - 1 for text and 1 for images. Please review the information below & the SSL link to get insight into how this will impact you. 

Since we also use Constant Contact, I am wondering if this SSL issue exists in an Constant Contact products like Landing Pages, Surveys, Emails, etc. if so, does the cost get passed onto the customers as part of a subscription cost? Or is the cost absorbed by Constant Contact?


Many thanks!