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Saved Template Usage Bugs - Not All Content Copies


Saved Template Usage Bugs - Not All Content Copies

My organization sends a ton of email campaigns. A minimum of three per day. Copying previous emails doesn't work well for us - finding the correct email to copy is all but impossible (since there's no search feature) and we have thousands of previously sent emails in our account.


Saving emails as Templates for daily use is valuable, but there's a bug that causes only some of the information to be copied when you use a Template. 


To be clear, I'm referring to using the "Saved Templates" tab when creating a new Email Campaign (you can only create templates from campaigns in v2 of the web software - the feature apparently hasn't made it to v3 yet).



So when you select a Saved Template, it copies most of the email content from the campaign that the template was created from. But the From address and the Reply address do not copy from the original campaign. For some reason these instead default to the Account Owner's email address. I have no idea what's behind that logic.


Additionally, the Forward Email Link and Subscription Link footer options do not copy from the original campaign. These always default to checked. 



Any chance we could get these bugs squashed? Also, what's the status of adding the ability to create templates from v3 emails? 


Hello @askrenes,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Based on the information that you have provided I have discovered that the templates are operating as they were designed. We value your feedback about including the header and footer information when using a saved template, this will be submitted to the appropriate department. In addition you are correct in assuming that the Third Generation Editor has not been outfitted to accommodate saving templates. However, you are welcome to request a custom designed template for this editor version if you would like to have this as an option. All custom design requests can be submitted at http://constantcontact.com/services


Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


-Curtis P
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