Scheduled Posts for social media


Scheduled Posts for social media

I cannot link the scheduled post to my business facebook page of which I am an admin. It defaults to my personal page. how can I fix that?


Hi @GarrinD


Thanks for posting! Is it defaulting to your personal Facebook account when you initially connect your account to Social Share or when you try to share your post? If it's the former, then that is functioning as designed. When you set up the connection you would need to be logged into your personal Facebook page. Only a person set up as administrator on business pages can manage the apps allowed to post to Facebook. Once you connect your personal page it should then give you the option to select any business page which you are an administator of so that you can post to it instead of your personal page. If you're running into an issue where you select to post to your business page and it defaults to your personal page please let us know. I haven't heard of that occurring, so if it's happening to you we'd like to take a closer look to see what's going on and find out how to resolve the issue. Thank you!  



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager