Scheduled Re-sends were not sent

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I recently scheduled re-sends to non-openers on two campaigns and the details/analytics show that the re-sends were not sent. Original campaigns of Oct. 7 and Oct. 15. Can you please tell me why?
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Hello @DianeP088 ,


The error I'm seeing for your automatic RSNO on the emails' Details tab says "invalid date." While the October 7th email is too far past, are you able to manually schedule an automatic resend for the October 15 one?


Do you remember how many days after the initial sendouts the automatic RSNOs were scheduled for? Did you receive any error messages when scheduling those emails or their automated RSNOs? Did you setup the automatic RSNOs on the actual scheduling page of the emails, or after they were already scheduled / sent? Was the automatic RSNO scheduled for earlier than 3 days or later than 7 days (the original limits for automatic RSNO)?

William A
Community & Social Media Support