Scheduled posts not posting - getting a very unhelpful error alert


Scheduled posts not posting - getting a very unhelpful error alert

On a few different occasions, we have scheduled social posts for the weekend or outside of business hours, only to find out later that we have an error message with no explanation on CC as to why the post didn't go out. It's not worth using this feature at all if it's not consistent and doesn't explain what went wrong so we can fix it, if it's an error on our end. Please help!

Hello @LWVCT ,


Unfortunately, we're not showing anything in our logs that would indicate the exact reason these posts might be failing intermittently. With that said, we are aware that Facebook, and by extension Instagram, will occasionally refresh their APIs and permissions. This in turn will sometimes require new logins / reconnections from the user, and can potentially cause interruptions for some posts that would go out during these downtimes.


Our devs are working with FB to pin down if this is the true cause of the sporadic interruptions in successful posts or if something else is going on, so I've tracked the relevant service request to your account. If and when there's an update, they'll make sure to notify you.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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