Scheduling Malfunction

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Scheduling Malfunction

Yesterday I unscheduled an email and double checked to make sure that it was unscheduled. This morning I come to work and the email has been sent out! Also it sent out an email that I had scheduled to go out on Wednesday, So all together it sent out 3 emails, and only one of them was actually scheduled to go out. Then I get an analytics email for the first 2 but not the third. It is saying on my sent that it went out, and that it has a percentage open rate, but it has not yet to send me analytics on it, and these went out at 8am. Is anyone else having issues with Constant Contact today? Or am I just crazy???


Hello @BrianJ1


I am sorry to hear of your troubles with scheduling and unscheduling emails. It looks like you called in to receive help on this issue. If you still have any questions, please let us know.