Searching images while in campaigns


It would be very helpful if there was a search bar to search for stored images when you are setting up the campaign.


We use a  lot of created flyers for our distribution emails that we upload and place in our weekly emails as images.


We have a lot of images and it becomes very cumbersome looking for the image you need.


I have created a FOLDER for FLYERS, but it is based under all folders.


Is there a way to set up a folder under IMAGES so that we can search in that manner.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hello @ClaudineR1 ,


You can setup library folders, which are accessible in the side-menu for images. However to be able to search through your Library while building the email, you'd need to just go through the placeholder replacement way of inserting - click image placeholder > Replace > search in the pop-up library window.

William A
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