I am trying to condense my contacts into one list and then use tags to differentiate their qualities and create segments when ready to send out a campaign. I have noticed that I am not able to segment contacts who posses multiple tags. I can only use one "tagged with" criteria and if I want to include more than one tag, the only option is to pick contacts that possess one or the other, not both. Hoping someone has a solution for me! Thank you 


Hello @KeithM78 ,


At this time the segmentation tool won't be able to accomplish what you need it to. With that said, it appears you're still on the classic contact management system, so you could do an advanced search of Tag > Is > X and then add on Tag > Is Not > Y, and use that search criteria to make your list. Beyond that, I've submitted your info to our engineers for further exploration of the segmentation system - particularly in the redesign beta. If and when they have an update regarding it, they'll make sure to notify you.

William D
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As @KeithM78 says and you confirm, @William_D, there's no AND operator for the List Membership or Tags "Criteria Block"s to make a segment. Only OR. Sorry but that's next to useless. PLEASE put in my firm vote to add this functionality as soon as possible -- and let me know! Thank you.