Send a record to contact list

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How can I send personalized acknowledgments to a mass mailing list

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Hello @FondoUnidoMx ,


We have lots of personalization elements available in the email builder, which can pull contact details to make your emails more targeted and engaged. The first and foremost form of this would be including a greeting tag, which can be inserted into a text block. You can also include other contact details throughout the email, if there's more specific information and acknowledgement you'd like to make.


Further personalization can also include the subject line of the email, where you can include the contact's name and some other details as well. A more advanced form of personalization may come in the form of dynamic content blocks, where only contacts that meet certain criteria will be sent what's contained in those blocks.


Feel free to check out this overview article, which contains other ways you can include personalization in your emails, as a means of driving engagement or just giving a more personal touch to your communications.

William A
Community & Social Media Support