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I have sent many emails through CC, and was using a template of one I successfully used last time, only this time it's being sent to my spam folder. And the spam folder of someone else I sent a test email to. I did a "spam test" / mail checker and got an 8.9 out of 10 -- an  "almost perfect score," but it's still ending up in my spam folder. What else can I do? This is so frustrating.

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Hello @MarthaD56 ,


Every email I test sent to my work and personal address came through without issue. Since emails you send yourself through us are actually from a 3rd party source, it can cause some email programs' security algorithms to flag the emails as suspicious. This is particularly true with test emails, since they lack even the basic authentication of live sendouts.


Deliverability can have a lot of variables, from elements on our side, on your side, on the recipient's side, and in their email system company's side. It's also a generally good idea to set up additional authentication for your emails - whether that's through us if you have a free domain (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) or via self-authentication if you have your own domain (such as through a business or other organization).


If you'd like to learn more about safelisting, and what it entails:

Safelisting domains in a security system

Safelisting email addresses in an email client or security system


If you're wanting more in-depth, specialized insight on your current deliverability, it'd be worth speaking with one of our Deliverability agents.

William A
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