Send new automated email to contact after switching their email list


Send new automated email to contact after switching their email list

For example...


Jack signs up through my website and gets automatically entered into a "subscribed" mailing list. He will only get promotions on new products.


Jack then purchases my product, and so now I want to remove him from the "subscribed" mailing list and add him to the "clients" mailing list. Now he will no longer receive promotions on new products, but instead will get updates regarding the product he purchased. Once he is MOVED to this list, a new welcome email will be sent regarding his account.


I know how to change the list of which a user is subscribed to. But what I need to be able to do is either:

1). Have the ability to send an email manually to an individual instead of sending one to the entire mailing list,

- OR -

2). Send an AUTOMATIC welcome email with account details once I move Jack from "subscribed" to "clients"


Preferably B but if not I guess I will just have to send a manual email. But that's just a hassle. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks!


Hi @JosephB390

Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. That's a great question. You can add Contact or Account Details to a Welcome Email. However, this type of email is only triggered when contacts add themselves via a Sign-Up Form.


I think a great option for you would be to use an Autoresponder Series, autoresponders trigger the email whenever a contact is added to the list. You can then add the Contact and Account Details to this email so that it's targeted. The one place it may be restricted is if everyone is ordering a different product and those are all going onto one list, you may need an email specific to the product. In this case, I might suggest creating lists based on the product they purchase, so you can have the targeted email for that list, instead of having to send individually every time. In this case, you could add them to the "Clients" list, but also to the list for the product they purchased. Using an Autoresponder would require you to use the Email Plus subscription but would prevent you from having to go in and send an email every time someone is moved to the Clients list. 


Please let us know if you have further questions. We are happy to help!

Adrienne B.
Community & Social Media Support

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How do I subscribe to the email plus subscription, and how much is it?


I didn't see an option to upgrade my account anywhere. I'm actually getting the ConstantContact service through my hosting provider. Apparently they have me set on the "basic" plan.


I'm glad I noticed that too, because I'm going to have more than 500 contacts at some point hopefully, and I think the basic only allows up to 500?

Hello @JosephB390,


Great question! In order to protect your account I am going to reach out to you through the contact email address on your account to discuss this further.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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