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Send newsletter to new contact before a new newsletter is developed


Send newsletter to new contact before a new newsletter is developed

I would like to send my first newsletter to a new contact and repeat sending it to me as well.  I won't be doing a new newsletter for 

a month or so and want to get this one and hopefully ones from the past to people who are interested.  How can I do these two things:  i.e. to a new contact with an old or series of old newsletters and second, resend to myself.




Hello @ShirleeC,


It sounds like the Quicksend feature will work best for you. It will allow you to select the new contact in your database and send any specific email you want to them within the last 85 days. You can also select your own email address and resend the email to yourself. 


As for a series of old newsletter, maybe you're referring to an automated series? If a contact was not part of the list associated with the series, all you have to do is add them to that list and it will trigger the series, assuming it is still in active status. 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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