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Sending Campaigns

I have sent my most recent campaign TEST numerous times and have not received any of them. Not sure what is going on, but it makes me wonder how many of my addresses are not receiving the information. Wish this worked right every time. Many bugs in this program.

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Try to another address and see if that works.
Have you ever been successful in sending to that address before?

Hello @CorneliaH5


Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I can assure you that once your email is sent we have a very high delivery rate but if there are contacts that are impacted we always provide you with that reporting. There could be many reasons why your email tests are not being received. In order to find the cause of this issue we have to do some troubleshooting. Have you checked your spam or junk category in your inbox? Try sending a test to an alternate email address. Is it still not being received? Also what is the name of the email you are testing?


Once you have answered the questions above there are several reasons why your test emails are not being received: 


  • Queue - Your email is delayed in a queue. Emails affected by delays should be received within 2-3 hours.
  • Filtering/Forwarding - Your email may be getting filtered into a specific folder or tab by your email client, so that it doesn't appear in your main inbox.
  • Blocked - Your ISP is blocking the emails.
  • Unverified Email Address - If you are sending to a non-verified role address then the email will not be received in your inbox. You'll want to verify the email address or use another one.

To learn more on the different solutions to these issue please click here.

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