Sending a Test Email of a Survey

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I need to know how to send a test email of a survey I am creating for customer feedback.  I only see the option to Preview on my screen or to Publish - I see no option to send a test email to myself and to fellow co-workers for testing/previewing before sending out to our customers.

Is this possible?  Unlike creating an email which does give this option, I do not see it for surveys.

Is there a way to select which contacts receive the survey instead the contact list?

Thank you

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Hello @JohnC31072 ,


Surveys need to be published before you can do email test sends with them. Since survey pages function similar to other landing page-type campaigns, you'd need to publish it to get its unique URL


When you insert the SP into an email campaign, and send a test version of the email, the linked SP will also function as a test version. Another option would be to use the Preview URL that's generated, when you preview the SP after publishing. This way you can share it to people without having to do an email test send. 


Test / preview versions of Survey pages will have a ?mode=preview at the end of their unique URL.


SPs can still be edited after publishing, it's only once responses start getting submitted/tracked that certain restrictions are placed on editing.

William A
Community & Social Media Support