Sending same email with different rep contact info

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Good morning, I am a new user. I have been using for the past 10 years. I often get emails from companies who have multiple sales reps. It seems as if it is a form letter, that simply puts the correct reps picture and contact at the bottom of the email based on either a tag or a list. Is there an easy way to do this? I can create multiple templates, but that seems like the long way. I also didn't see a way to insert<Field/rep> anywhere. Im pretty technical, but new to this platform and haven't seen any articles about it. Even if you could tell me what CC calls this and can look it up. Thanks in advance for the help. 

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Hello @JohnT986 ,


Unless you're able to pull an image from elsewhere on the internet using coding within a custom code email you've created, there's nothing in our system that'd allow for a contact-specific image to appear.


Regarding what you're describing, it sounds like it'd be either a greeting tag or a different type of contact detail that could be included. If you're aiming to directly address whoever you're sending to (i.e. Hello {contact first name},) then you'd want to use a greeting tag or some other form of personalization. If you're looking at sending an email to several contacts and want a broader element (such as a regional real estate agent) included, you'd need to have that info added as a custom field. Then when you've added/uploaded a contact, you can include that broader element as one of the contact fields upon upload. From there you can add the contact detail to the email, so that each contact sees their respective information.


Otherwise it'd simply come down to having separate lists for specific reps (List Erika, List Antonio, List Tyla, etc.). Then simply make separate emails for those particular agents' lists with their contact info already constructed (Erika Email, Antonio Email, Tyla Email, etc.), including their picture, name, contact info, etc. included as a part of the body of the email.


Ultimately, it may be better for you to call in so an agent can work 1:1, live with you to make sure the emails and elements you're wanting are getting setup properly. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support