Sharing Campaign Content


Sharing Campaign Content

We are part of a Franchise group of Owners at SuperGreen Solutions. Not all but many of us are using CC under our own billing. Is it possible to share campaign emails and templates? Bryan Pax is doing great work and is open to sharing but we don't see how other than copy and paste, that we can share each others work. Any ideas? Francis

Hello @FrancisG13 , 


I took a look at your account and with how it is currently set up.  In order to share campaigns across accounts you can go through our Custom Services team to copy emails from one account to another for a fee. You can also manually copy the email from one account to another, this option works best if someone has access to both accounts.  Here are instructions on how to copy the HTML block by block.  Make sure to also choose the same template if possible and Copy the style sheet over to get the Global Color and Font changes to apply to the email as well. 


You did mention that you are part of a Franchise though.  I could not find the company listed as a Franchise with Constant Contact.  If the Franchise becomes part of this program it gives them an easy way to have a template created and sent to all accounts to have a similar look for all emails going out.  Here is more information on that program for you to look at or send along to the correct person or department.