Sharing email previews with business partner

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Is CC no longer allowing two people to preview emails before sending to the different groups?

When I send a preview to myself and my business partner, it no longer gets delivered to her mal box.

She has always been able to log in and edit emails.  In addition, she has been able to send preview emails, but apparently not anymore.  We believe that two sets of eyes get a much better proof reading than one set.  

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Hello @AdrianaF1 ,


Is your account setup as a partnered system - i.e. an affiliate or something like that where you have a master account and separate child accounts within that? Or are you just referring to having your associate use an account manager login to be in the same account as you?


I had no issues getting a regular test email to send through to either my personal or work emails, so if that's what you're referring to, I'm wondering if there's a security element blocking the unauthenticated test sends from being received by you. You may want to check and make sure your email program / network isn't outright blocking the test sends, as that may require you to safelist our domains. Otherwise, I'd advise calling the Delivery team for further, advanced troubleshooting and assistance.

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