Sharing with facebook...


Sharing with facebook...

WHY????... am I now not able to easily share my campaigns to my various facebook pages? NEVER had this problem before you introduced  some "new revisions" and "improvements" with your service... Believe me, I speak for thousands who are simply FED UP with this type of problem! I want to create a campaign and be able to share it with my personal and business facebook pages... as I have been able to do for years as a Constant Contact customer... What's the problem?... thank you!


Hello @JimmyO ,


Can you elaborate at all on what your problems are? Are they affecting a specific platform or page, or are multiple social media accounts and business pages being affected? Is this issue occurring for Social Share, typically used to share email campaigns to business pages - or Social Posts, which are typically made and managed through the Social tab in the navigation bar? Or are the issues you're referring to occurring for both?


If the issue is predominantly affecting Facebook / Instagram, does the API permission reset process alleviate your issues at all? FB has a significantly shorter refresh cycle compared to other platforms when it comes to 3rd party API permissions, meaning you'll likely need to perform the following steps more regularly for FB/Insta.

  1. Disconnect the affected social pages from your CTCT account - Social Share || Social Posts
  2. Remove our permissions via your social page's management UI - Social Share || Social Posts
  3. Reconnect the affected social media account to renew the API permissions - Social Share || Social Posts


Also, please keep in mind that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram's APIs prevent from personal account posting through 3rd party services like us. So you'd have to manually make posts for personal pages on those platforms regardless.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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