Slowness while working in CPE editor

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The recent major update has made the creating of email campaigns nearly impossible. Anything having to do with text is very challenging. Anything typed takes a VERY LONG time to fill in. The letters come in with several seconds between each one. Instead of a sentence just flowing, it takes 10+ seconds for each word to show up and a full sentence probably takes a minute or more to show up. I cannot go on to another place because if I move the cursor elsewhere the text starts showing up there, so I just have to wait while the text fills in. Adjusting the font size is erratic and at times doesn't do what I need. Changing colors for the background isn't working properly and at time the color for text or background in a particular section changes by itself to something totally different. Bullets disappear at random and won't come back right away if I try to adjust it... I could go on, but I hope there is an update coming soon!

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Final Update 10/25/22 - Hi everyone. Thank you for your patience while we were wrapping up some additional testing for our fix. This morning the fix for typing slowness was released for all accounts. Fast typists should no longer notice a severe (3-4 second) lag before their text shows up. If you are still experiencing that long of a lag, please try restarting your browser.

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Thank you for the suggestion, much appreciated. Yes, that's a good workaround. Much appreciated.


I am curious if there was some update or if there are any issues with your program. The last week Constant Contact has been glitchy, saving in a weird way or not saving and the program is not working the same / efficiently. Any suggestions? 


The time needed to create a weekly newsletter has doubled. CC is too slow  to be usable. When typing a sentence, it takes 4-10 seconds for the words to show on the screen. The issue is worse when you need to backspace and correct a typo. I called a few months ago and was told it could be the cookies/cache, to may tabs open is the browser, wrong browser, or under powered pc. I have the same issue on different pcs, different browsers, all with cleared cache. I've spoken with CC twice in the last two weeks. If this doesn't get corrected I'll need to move to another tool. Any ideas?

Hi @PatrickS5381. We are investigating reports of slowness while working in the editor, most likely the cause being the program autosaving your work too often. Work is underway to review the issue.


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This is exactly what I predicted and reported, and it seems CC is moving forward with the investigation.  

I'm tired of the editor being slow. It is so slow for me right now, I can't get any work done. Please look into this.
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The issue is no different as of September 23, 2022 using Chrome. The delay issue makes CC essentially impossible to use. Please be transparent about when this is going to be fixed or MailChimp here I come.



After speaking to the Survey Department, I reported to them that I believed the auto-save was what was interfering with the typing and causing the lag.  I saw this before with two other programs over the past 10 years, and it seems to be the issue that the tech department here is working on.  


I know we all want to see this solved soon, and that we don't want to migrate.  But this ongoing dialog here is really helping CC make the corrections.  They are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.  


It would seem that the auto-save  is the cause of the issue, as I predicted, and perhaps if they allowed us to turn auto-save on and off it would easily solve the issue.  Let's  hope they fix this soon.  


Really useful to hear of other experiences as we first raised this in January and on a number of occasions since. For us we get:

  • intolerable lag time on typing, deleting, cutting and pasting
  • the functionality for adding/ replacing images disappears and the whole page has to be reloaded every time for a new image to be added from the library
  • formatting colour of text or blocks often impacts other parts of an email, ie; they change colour too, which then has to be changed back

I wanted to know if each account only has one access point so if more than one user from a business is working, do we get half the response time?

The responses I get are: clear your cookies/ use another browser/ turn everything else off when you're using it, but I have no problem running resource intensive Apps like Teams. And the suggestions just don't work for me. We also have been told our account has been added to the investigation, but never get resolution focused feedback.

CC used to be a responsive and feature strong App, but this current version is so bug-ridden it's almost unusable.

I should also have added that the default settings for, eg link or text colour, often don't work. You can check by going to design > Links and hovering over a different colour. Some links change colour but others don't. 

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It is September 28th. This is not workable. An error message appears within the text as I type "Unable to save". Consistently. I will try someone's suggestion about copy/paste body of email, but really? This software has gone appreciably south/downhill since these recent updates and we feel forced to look for a replacement. This is NOT something we want to do, yet, the time wasted now is ridiculous. I have been with CC for almost a decade. Very disappointing.


I have seen other feedback regarding the copy/paste function and the keyboard lag with creating new campaigns. Specifically when creating new campaigns based on previous campaigns. This has caused me a lot of time and work. I have basically had to rebuild from scratch a monthly newsletter that uses the same format each month but the lag time is awful. The copy/paste glitches have made it even harder. Now I realize there is no more predictive text in the insert link box, so I have to recreate email addresses and URL addresses every time rather than getting a drop-down box with choices. These glitches have made my job a lot harder and more frustrating. Are there solutions to these issues? I'm very unhappy with this. 


Hello @MelissaG3037 , @SarahG4 , and @PSavino 


We do apologize for the experience you have all had with our editor. We are currently aware of this issue and it appears this has been happening in longer newsletters. Please try shortening your newsletter or clearing your cache and cookies and that may show some improvement. We also suggest you submit your feedback to our Help Center so our engineering team can review that as well!

Zoe H.
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Hi all - Wanted to get a quick update out before the weekend. We believe we have a fix for this in our testing environments. We are going to spend some time testing with folks next week to make sure some of those effected can confirm it works for them before we roll it out across the board. Just to make sure it doesn't cause any issues. If all goes well, I hope to provide a very positive update next week, which I'll post here and pin to the top of this thread.


Why is constant contact so slow? This has been slow for weeks now. When I edit emails newsletters to send out to my members and try type, I have to wait a good minute for the text to appear. This is slowing down my work ALOT! No other programme is slow, only CC. 


What is being doesn't to fix this? 


I am paying a lot per year for this service and you are NOT delivering right now!! If nothing changes soon, I will look into other providers but tbh it's all hassle I could do with out so please just fix the problem asap. 


Frustrated  user. 


Update 10/14/22: Hi everyone. A fix was applied today to around 25% of accounts and roughly half of the folks that commented on this post, as we were trying to target it at those who had previously reported experiencing the issue. The reason for applying the fix in batches was just to get some initial feedback, if there is any, so that we can adjust quickly if we need to. Next steps will be determined on Monday, so the remaining accounts needing to have the fix enabled should follow pretty quickly I'd imagine. Just trying to handle this carefully. More updates next week!

So how do we know if we are part of the lucky 25%?

How will we know if this fix has resolved the issue?

If my CPE is still slow, has the fix not worked, or am I part of the 75% whose accounts are not fixed? More transparency and explanation needed.

And if the slowness was caused by auto-save as acknowledged somewhere in this thread by a CC administrator, your customers, including me, have been pointing this out for months. Why has it taken so long to respond and potentially resolve?

Hi Kyle, 

Any update as of today? I have been experiencing the lag issue for about two months now and am at my wits end. It takes at least a minute for text to show up after I have finished typing it! Very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any new info you are able to provide.

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I agree with OACP below, we need more info. How do we know if our fix didn't work, or if you haven't worked on our account yet? Will we be emailed when the fix has occurred or do we keep having to log in here to see what's happening?

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it's now thursday, you said next steps determined monday. we need an update and a fix. if not done very soon, we will be leaving to find another platform

Apologies for the delay in follow up and for any questions raised from my response. I should have been more clear.


The plan is to roll out the fix to all accounts next week as long as all testing has gone well this week.


The smaller, more targeted fix from Friday and the time spent this week is allowing our support team to make outbound phone calls to some folks that previously reported the issue so that we can get them on a call to do some live testing and observation outside of just our test environments.


If you use the like button on this comment to kudo the post or reply I'll see about getting your account opted in for the fix ASAP ahead of the general rollout, if you're interested. No guarantees since the general rollout fix could be as soon as Monday, but I know everyone is eager to have this fixed.


Once the rollout is out for everyone we'll update this post as well.

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