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Is it possible to create 'Smart Lists'? I would like to be able to create a list based on a set of rules. For example: A list containing all contacts from another list containing the words "Email List" Not Including any contacts with the Tag 'Bounce - Do Not Send'. That way, my team would just have to select a list when going to send and not have to worry about selecting a Tag to not include.

Hi CraigG922!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Here are a few options for you to try.


Option 1: Segment Your Contacts Based on Specific Criteria 

If you check your segments page you will see a segment I created titled 'Smart List' this segment can be edited and refreshed as needed. You can Send an Email to a Segment of Contacts just like you would a regular list. 


Option 2: Remove the people tagged 'Bounce - Do Not Send' from your larger list 

  • Navigate to your contacts page
  • Click on the tag
  • Check the box to select all
  • Click Manage lists
  • Click remove from lists
  • Click the list you would like to remove them from

Option 3: Manage your bounces

There are some bounce types that have a high probability of being permanently invalid and it's best that they be removed. This option will remove the need to segment or tag because you will know all the addresses on your list are able to receive your email campaigns. 

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