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I've been using Constant Contact since November. I'm finding so many bugs and the data and reporting is not accurate. I just found that when I click to see who "opened" our email, I get 15 names (second send). When I click "export" and it downloads -- the list has 16 names and they are not the same names. Frustrating. This happens a lot I've just never taken the time to submit before. FYI.
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Hello @PACM ,


I checked the email that matched your description, and when I exported the opens the file I got had the exact same info as what was presented in the open report. I checked the same email's initial sendout's opens, and the export showed the exact same info as what the site presented. Same with other emails of yours I checked. Based on this, there's no inaccuracies in your reporting between the site and the exported files.


If this has been a chronic issue for you, I'd advise calling our general support so you can securely provide examples of affected emails' reporting, and so they can provide live troubleshooting. If you're unable to call, you can reply to the @ mention email you receive from this response with specific examples of emails you're having issues exporting the reporting data for.

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