'Social Media block' deleted in the editor but visible in the preview

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Can you please help me with the reoccurring problem regarding the Social media blocks. 

I tried several times to insert it at the bottom of my email, but it wasn't showing on the editor page. However, if you do a Test Preview you can see that it has been placed. Since it is not showing on the editor page, I can not edit or remove it. 

Please how can I solve this without re-doing the whole newsletter?

I am using Google chrome with ad blocker.  Is there anything I'm doing wrong here?


Thanks for your help. 



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Hello @FocusAsia ,


I checked both of your most recent drafted emails, the CPE and 3GE one, and was able to see the social button blocks in both. I deleted those blocks in both, then replaced them from my end, which should force it through for your side. If you're still unable to see the social button blocks while working in your emails' editors, then there's definitely some kind of connectivity error occurring, and it'd be worth going through those linked troubleshooting steps to see what the issue's source is. Please keep in mind that when I say connectivity error, I'm not necessarily referring to just your internet speed. There are a number of elements that can affect website connectivity and accessibility on an individual basis - such as a caching error, interference from a browser extension, or perhaps just needing our domains safelisted in your security apps / VPN.


If none of those alleviate the issues, please call our general support number so they can continue troubleshooting with you live.

William A
Community & Social Media Support