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Social Posts


Social Posts

This has been awful for the last few weeks in posting to our LinkedIn. We used to never have issues now it seems almost every time there is an issue. Please look into this. Thank you.

Hello @AimeeC76 ,


For the sake of further troubleshooting, could you please respond to some of the following questions:

  • Would you be able to provide any screenshots of the errors you're receiving?
  • Is this occurring in the Social Share (i.e. straight from the reporting page of a specific campaign), or in the Social Inbox / Tab at the top of the screen?
  • Are the errors occurring at any specific time of day for the posts, or is it for every single LinkedIn post you try to set up?
  • Does clicking the retry button after the failure error let the post go through as expected?

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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I'm having this issue, too, I believe. There is no reason for the error, just that there is an error in posting to one of my social platforms at a time. This is what the error message looks like. 

Screenshot (69).png


This week, starting Tuesday, the posts haven't been going to Facebook, for some reason (and we've been trying to post twice a day, so that's two times a day that the posts haven't gone up on Facebook). And no matter how many times we hit "Retry," it will not post. 

Now, that's weird about this is that I can repost errored messages from two weeks ago (when the social campaigns decided not to post to Instagram that week, twice a day). It's nice that I'm able to repost what I tried posting two weeks ago, or several days after the post was supposed to go out. I'd prefer posting the day that I'm need to. Is there anything I can do? Or need to do differently to ensure my posts go out the day they're supposed to? 

Thank you!