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Some Dups, some not received


Some Dups, some not received

I received feedback that the Constant Contact send is not filtering out duplicates. Do we need to do that before we upload the list? We have differing filters we use which is why there are multiples for the same person. Also, I didn't receive the email at all yet was listed three times in the list.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for posting. Although you can have duplicates of the same contact in different lists if you send to multiple lists at once the person would only get one copy of the email. Did you send to multiple lists when this happened or copy and re-send the email to all different lists?


It is possible that an address would get more than one copy if you have the contact in the account with a piece of different information. For example:


John Smith jjsmith@abc.com

Jane Smith jjsmith@abc.com


Jane and John would get individual copies of the email  (resulting in two sends to this address).


For your privacy, can you email us your address so we can look into why you didn't get the email? social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. Is it possible that the emails bounced?



Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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