Some emails to same address bouncing as "other"


Some emails to same address bouncing as "other"

We have a US member who is not receiving all of our constant contact emails. Some get to her but others, starting last November, are being bounced as "other." The emails are sent to the same address, but they all don't come from the same address. However, there is no connection/pattern between what address it is sent from and the bounce.


Any clues on what we can do? We don't want to remove her address because she is getting some emails. 


Hey @ZontaIntl,


Welcome back to the Community! Thank you for reaching out to us. When a contact bounces as "Other" that means that her email provider didn't tell us why she didn't receive the email. It could be content related, subject line related, or a number of other possibilities. What I would recommend is calling our Deliverability team and talk with them about what can be done to further prevent her from bouncing! Here is their number for within the US 1-866-433-8499 and international 1-399-222-5900.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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