Standard Template for Coldwell Banker?

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Standard Template for Coldwell Banker?

Rather than create a new template, do you have a standard document that has been used across the nation by other Coldwell Banker agents?
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Re: Standard Template for Coldwell Banker?

Hello @TrishC22


I could not find a standard template that is used by other Coldwell Banker agents. If you are looking for a recommendation on what to use to get started I would suggest a mobile responsive template, and matching it to your website.  You can also reach out to any other agents that you know use Constant Contact to see what they would recommend.  


Let us know if there is anything we can do to help along the way!  

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Re: Standard Template for Coldwell Banker?

Hello Trish.


"Standard", would not be a word I would ever want associated with my Marketing!


Looking like everyone else is that same as getting LOST IN A CROWD.


You want your Marketing to emphasize you, your unique style, your area of specialization, whether that is Commercial, Industrial, Land, Ocean Front, Apartments, Tiny Houses on Wheels, Townhomes or Detached Homes, or any of the above in a specific area, using a specific financing or investment process.


I am sure you don't dress like every other Agent in your Office, so why look like every other agent in your office through your Marketing?


Just a thought. Home Sales are off the Hook!

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