Stop charging for webinars

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Stop charging for webinars

Why on earth would we suddenly be charged to attend the upcoming webinar?  For years I have referred clients to CC due to the free live events.  Bad form.  Even offers free weekly webinars.  It is standard practice on most platofrms.  Given the fees I pay now at 95/month, the least you should do is tier the admission price and include it for free as a perk at the 95/month level.   BAD FORM! 



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upcoming webinar fee

For years I have enjoyed constant contact because you offered free gatherings and education. Why are you now charging us? I recently attended a webinar - they are free every week. I pay $95/month to use constant contact and I have referred many of my clients to you. Not anymore. Please re-consider what is clearly the norm on most platforms and make these free of charge to those of us who are paying you already!

Re: Stop charging for webinars

Hi @ChristineS09359,


I'm sorry you feel that way about our paid webinars. Can you email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, a reference to this post, and information about the webinar you took and what you were unsatisfied with? I'd like to look into this and get the feedback to the right team. I'd also like to link you to the page that will show you our free and paid webinars/seminars. If you click here, it'll go to where you can search for free and paid webinars, or find an in person seminar near you.



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