Store front as a separate entity?

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Hello: I am the webmaster for our dog club website and our club usese Constant Contact for communicating with the membership. We have a website with a large hosting company and my question is ... is it permissable for us to use your Constant Contact Store Front and link it through our club website? And ... would a simple link redirected to your servers work, or do we need to get into API's for the interface? Any feedback most appreciated with thanks. Frank
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Hello @JanetV342 ,


If you already have an online store setup in your Constant Contact account, you're free to link to it or a shoppable landing page made using it. Keep in mind that the online store is hosted through the 3rd party-developed Website Builder integration so our main support may be a bit limited on it. If you need more particular insight on the WSB integration and its functionality with the online store system, I'd advise checking out WSB's support page and contacts

William A
Community & Social Media Support