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Supressing emails at import?


Supressing emails at import?

Hello!  We get lists from several of our marketing campaigns; trade shows, webinars, our website, etc. It is not uncommon that our competitors will attend these things and their emails will be in our list and clearly we do not want to send marketing messages to our competitors.


Is there an automatic way to suppress or filter out by domain (xxxxx@domain.com) so that they do not get imported along with the rest?  To do this manually in the Excel file prior to upload is increasingly tedious and I'm seeking an automated solution.  


If Constant Contact does not have this functionality does anyone have suggestions for creating something within Excel or know of another program that will work with Excel/Constant Contact to do this? I tried to segment my list but you cannot segment by domain.  It's actually quite frustrating. I've been told MailChimp offers this so I would be curious as to why Constant Contact does not?