Survey Not Capturing Personal Information Properly!

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Survey Not Capturing Personal Information Properly!

Hello, In order for us to follow up with our customers about their responses, we require that they enter their information. We are receiving several surveys without contact information, even though the question is absolutely, 100% marked as required. Either these people have found a way to not enter required information or your system is failing to capture it. Either way, it NEEDS TO WORK PROPERLY! We have things being said about our customer support being poor simply because we can't reply to our customers, as people can somehow get around a required question or your system is failing. This needs to be fixed immediately.


Hello @PaulR592,


I apologize for any confusion regarding your survey results. I believe what is happening is you are viewing both the Completed and Partial results for the survey. The question is required and they cannot complete the survey without answering it. But if they get to that question and then navigate away from the survey, our system will still track what they did answer.


What to look for when you're on the survey results page:


You can change the view to only show "completed" respondents. If you change the view to "partial" you will see that it corresponds with the number of respondents that did not fill out the personal information section. 

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