Survey Results missing data

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Survey Results missing data

I have created a form to collect volunteer information, and we've had about a dozen or so come in and about a third of them are missing data.  When we call the person to get the data we need, they tell us that they filled it out on the form, however it never made it to us although the rest of their data was there.  

Has this been an issue before? Now I am wondering how much other data we've missed because I filled out the form myself, to try and replicate it, and it never even showed up at all in my results 😠  

If Cc cannot provide a reliable survey product, then it should be removed from being offered all-together.  


Hello @Marisa_M ,


Can you please elaborate on what information has been missing? I just did several tests, and all my results went through with all the information I provided.


When you or these sign-ups have entered in information, has the Thank you page shown? Are you receiving any error messages or alerts when attempting to open the survey or submit it?



William D
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Hi William,


We have received several survey responses that did not have any boxes checked even though they were a required field.

When we called the respondents to ask them their preferences because none were selected on the form, they were adamant that they did indeed select them when submitting the form.

I did a test myself and it seems that if the form is submitted without the selections, the user receives the error message saying to make a selection, BUT the survey results were already sent/logged in the responses in my CC account.  Therefore, whatever they selected AFTER getting the error message was not included in the actual results. 

You can see this under the survey in our account called "Committee Application 2020-21"


Thank you.