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Hello. I would like to express my frustration about suspended addresses. Many times over the years Constant Contact has bounced legitimate email address. For example:  was added one year ago. Not one of the emails have gone through--while during the past year I have had no difficult sending and receiving emails from that very address. I hate to delete people who legitimately want to be on the mailing list, but I also don't want my Constant Contact account to appear to be in error. I double checked a dozen times to make sure the address was correct in your system--it is. I have lost several people over the years whose addresses Constant Contact tags as invalid. I assumed this glitch would have been resolved long ago, but it has not. Please know that this is one really frustrating element of the service I receive. 

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Hello @DianaW10 ,


That email address has been suspended in our system since 2018. Please keep in mind that suspended addresses are not a glitch, it's a result of us receiving repeated non-existent bounces from that address when you or another customer of ours tries to send to that address. If their ISP or domain is incorrectly reporting the bounce as non-existent, that isn't something we can control.


For a full breakdown of how suspended bounces work


I got the contact unsuspended in our system administratively. As a follow-up, I'd recommend doing a Quicksend of the last email they were supposed to receive. If we receive a report from their domain / ISP about them being 'non-existent' again, then they'll be put back into suspension. You can check this by going to the contact's engagement history right after doing the Quicksend.


If the non-existent bounce occurs again, then it may be worth reaching out to our Deliverability team to see if they have any additional insight regarding that domain / ISP. 

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