Switching from the third-generation editor to the Cross Device Editor


I'm not sure if I'm already using the Cross Device Editor, but if not, I'd like to be. Will it automatically update to Cross Device or do I need to do something manually? 


Hello @AbbeV ,


Our engineers have already translated many of the 3ge templates over to CPE. With that said, if you're not sure your current template is in the CPE, an easy way to tell is via the sidebar menu appearing as below:


Screenshot 2021-06-16 103739.jpg


The overall look and feel of the editors will be the same, however there may be some difference in content availability (e.g. immediate availability of some integrations). With that said, the Cross-Platform Editor (CPE) will be a significantly smoother transition from 3ge than the transition from 2ge to 3ge. 


I'd recommend taking a look at this article when you have the chance, as it covers some of the basic elements of the CPE transition, and contains links to articles going over more specific elements. Many of our templates have already been shifted over to the CPE, and you can view those already in that builder by typing "cross platform" or "CPE" into the search for your templates. Our engineers are hoping to get everything available in 3ge fully transitioned over to the CPE, along with the CPE's unique features, such as the Insert Table, better block customization, spell check compatibility, etc.


If your current template isn't already using the CPE, and you'd like a more immediate transition, I'd recommend speaking with our general phone support. They can put in an opt for a more immediate transition, or work with you 1:1 to get it quickly rebuilt.

William A
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