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Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?


Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

I watched the (pre-recorded) webinar today about How to give your email a makeover and noted the info about swapping to the 3G editor which I had somehow never noticed.


What is the conscensus about this editor... I love the idea of some of the new features (READ MORE etc) but am worried there might be some inflexibility ... saw someone complaining of removing all creativity.


I cant find anyone really commenting on it so decided to start a thread/topic.


Please comment if you have changed over, what your experience has been, what you like or did not and especially if anyone has decided to change back please. I am nervous about cutting over as it seems an all or none and i cant afford any downtime in the next month.


Re: Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

Hi @CraftingLife-WithWendy


Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your questions. There definitely are many benefits to switching over to our newest 3GE editor some of these include: easier drag and drop, the ability to insert polls or an RSVP block directly in your email. In fact, here is an FAQ we have that describes the differences between 2GE and our newest 3GE editor. 


We can continue to go into further detail about this new editor with you through email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com or even by phone at the hours and numbers listed here. If you did want to reach out by email, please references this post along with what type of emails do you send and what actions you typically take in their current editor when creating your emails. Knowing these details can help determine if a move to 3GE would be helpful for you.

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Re: Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

Thanks for the reply and I did see the info in FAQ's and comparison. I guess I was looking for LIVE REAL feedback from Users that has switched and had a positive experience. I had seen some comments about it taking away the ability to be creative and that concerned me. And from what I understand it's one editor or the other... so you are making a decision to change by diving right in. I like the idea of many of the benefits but am concerned about outage right now if it turns out not to be for me.

I am also in Australia so not sure is calling the provided phone number to arrange swapping or about the optima is that easy. Need to understand time zone differences. I am heading over to USA next week and will try and consider this after I return. But would still like to hear from Users with their experience of changing over

Re: Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

Hi @CraftingLife-WithWendy!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your question! I hope you can get some feedback from some of our Community members who do have our Third Generation Editor, or 3GE. If you send us an email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post, we can see what we can do to get you over to 3GE if you'd like! Thanks again for reaching out, and if there is anything we can do to help, just let us know.



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Re: Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

I'm still undecided and continue to ask myself this very question. It's definitely better at being mobile responsive but there are so many key features missing that it's incredibly frustrating to use. Can't point you toward one or the other.


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Re: Switching to 3G Editor... yes or NO?

I may be a little late in responding to your question, but I find that there are three specific features missing in the 3rd Generation editor that I miss and keep me working in the legacy editor.  Please note that the majority of my emails are in the form of a weekly newsletter, so the emails are rather lengthy.   In addition, I repeat "content blocks" because of recurring events.  Finally, I am a volunteer so am looking to do things efficiently so that I can get on with my real job.


The deal-breakers for me are the following missing functions:

1.  Tables.  I use tables to organize lists, eg: dates, locations and events.

2.  Anchors.  Because my emails are long, I use anchors within the email as a functioning table of contents.

3.  HTML Editor.  I save my repeating content block's HTML code in text files.  When I need to repeat, I paste in the HTML and edit as needed.

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